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Multifunctional eye massager


【Product desciption】


1. The pneumatic massage technique and vibration massage, combined with the warm function and the sweet music, let you completely suppress and give extra points to your health;


2. The latest wireless Bluetooth function, play music through the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone, choose your favorite music;


3. Built-in lithium battery 1200 mAh, rechargeable. When fully charged, it can be used continuously for 6-7 times, each time for 15 minutes. (When charging, the blue light is on to indicate full charge);


4. Push-button operation, volume adjustable / song selection / function selection;


5. Intelligent 5 kinds of massage modes: automatic, clear, vitality, sleep, dynamic five modes.


6.180° foldable for easy carrying;


7. Product with LED function display.